Post Production Freelancer

Jāp, this is me...

Sebastian Sadnek

Servus. My name is Sebastian. I am a freelancer specialised in post production workflows and editing. I do a lot of things like handling big data, DIT services, editing and archiving. I am working for TV and film production companies but I am also doing classes and workshops on post production and editing. Together with different partners we also provide restoration and grading of old footage, feature films and documentaries.By the way, my friends call me Sabe. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

01. Film & TV

With over 15 years of experience in the field of film and TV production, coupled with countless hours (months) spent in front of the rendering progress bar during editing and post-production, while not a guarantee of professionalism, they attest to perseverance, determination, and a touch of zen.

02. New Media

Expertise in planning and executing cross-media projects for various platforms and devices through the integration of unconventional methods. Mastering and delivery for diverse channels and OTT workflows.

03. Visual Culture

Utilizing software-based methods for the preservation and restoration of moving images and films, coupled with ongoing content analysis (Youtube, Netflix, etc.), form the pillars of my culturally centered perspective on the audio-visual media landscape.

Film is soul, (he)art and science

“I always had this technical and almost scientific approach to film: I wanted to understand how everything works, how algorithms and codecs work.”










Sometimes I just love to drink a coffee and talk while the renders are processing.



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    9073 Klagenfurt-Viktring

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